CERNER is the electronic health records (EHR) system used by Banner Health. Research staff must receive training to obtain access.

Cerner access will expire one year after it is granted, please contact your designated Clinical Research Program Dirctors (CRP) to renew. UA employees should complete the forms provided below and send the completed forms to their designated CRPD

Complete New Employee Cerner Request Form

Complete BH Computer Access Request Form (CAR) - Research

The information you provided on your forms will be used to create your account.

You will receive two e-mails from External Enterprise Learner (EEL) Workday (one for accessing your account and one with your login).

It will take about 24 hours from the time the account is created until the required modules are available; please allow appropriate time for account creation and the uploading of modules.

Please note: the appropriate affiliation in your EEL account is “Research Non-Employee”. This designation ensures you receive the correct training modules in your account, as follows:

*Cerner Ambulatory for Research and PowerTrials

*Cybersecurity Awareness Training

*Banner HIPAA Privacy and Security Library-Annual

*Banner Code of Conduct Acknowledgement

Upon completion of the modules, print certificates to PDF (or take snip/screenshots) and email them to your designated CRPD. Upon receipt of completion confirmation, the IT tickets will be submitted (vendor ID & Cerner) for access to Cerner.

When IT completes the tickets, an email containing final instructions for login will be sent to you


Cerner access for external monitors should be made no less than 14 days in advance of their scheduled visit. 

Computer Access Request Form
Monitor Request Form

Provisions can also be made for an unscheduled urgent monitor visit which will be processed in 24 hours.
To request access please complete the two forms:  Monitor Request Form (complete all information in form) & Computer Access Request (CAR) Form
Be sure to select the "Type of data requested" when completing the Monitor Request Form.
Have your supervisor complete the signature line at the bottom of the CAR Form.
For monitors who have previously had access granted, they will only need their access reactivated for the dates that they will be on site.
Send the 2 completed forms via encrypted email to your designated CRPD.  Emails should be encrypted as the Monitor Request Form includes Protected Health Information (PHI).

If you have any additional questions, please call the BUMCP Help Desk phone number: (602) 747-4444 (also located at the top of the CARS form).


Students will need to create an email containing the following information:

Student Information Form

Explain in the email:

Why you need an account.
How long you will need it.
Who you will be working with.

Once completed, send the email with the above information and form to: 

Things to Note:

The process could take up to 30 days.

Students will need to register at My Clinical Exchange (mCE) Website. There is a $20.00 semester fee to use the mCE Website.

Student Onboarding will vet the students with the same requirements as employees:

Background checks
Follow the drug test guidelines
Vaccination verification

Student Onboarding will also:

Requests Badges
Confirm Cerner Training
Request Cerner and VPN for students